Our Work-Study serves two vital purposes.

1. Getting hands-on with TribO makes participation more accessible for folks with more time than money.
2. It also gives something back to all you communitarians who just want to help bring this soulful event back to the world.
We have VERY limited Work-Study at the new site. You get $40 OFF your registration for committing to a 4 hour shift. You are financially responsible if you don’t make your shift. We will invoice you.

To do Work-Study, you MUST plan to attend the entire event. Make NOTE of times if you wish to do set-up or break-down. Rate these jobs from 1 (fave) to 7 (least fave) and we will try to meet your hopes!

The jobs fall into these basic categories:

What/When –

  • Event Set-Up. Friday 9am-1 (6 positions)
  • Child Care Support. Friday 1:30pm-5:30, Saturday 8:30am-12:30, 1:30pm-5:30, Sunday 8:30-12:30 (1 position each slot)
  • Registration Support. Friday 12-4, 4-8pm (1 position each slot)
  • Class Stewards. Friday 1:30pm-5:30, Saturday 8:30am-12:30, 1:30pm-5:30, Sunday 8:30am-12:30 (1 position each slot)
  • Event Break-Down. Sunday 2pm-6pm (4 positions)
  • Airport Pick-up/Drop-off – As needed Friday am, Sunday pm (2-4 positions)
  • On-call Nurses and EMTs

More details? Here’s what the jobs entail.

Event Set-Up. Load-in, hanging signs and decorations, setting up registration and similar.
Childcare Support. Being an extra set of hands for the Childcare Coordinator during class time, playing with kids, leading activities, supervising the waterfront, etc. No halfa duty required!
Registration Support. Working with the Registration Coordinator to person the table, greet people as they arrive, help TribO folks find their cabins, etc.
Classroom Stewards. Circulating through class sites to ensure spaces are functional and teachers are supported: helping move tables in and out of Dining/Dancing Hall for classes, emptying trash, getting teachers coffee, etc.
Event Break-Down. Load-out, packing signs, packing decorations, taking down registration and similar.
Airport Pick-up/Drop-off. RELIABLY getting teachers and outta towners to and from either CHO or RIC as needed. This is Friday am or Sunday pm.
On-call Nurses and EMTS. We hope to not need you but if we can rely on you to be On-Call in case of emergency over the weekend, that is invaluable!