Workshop Descriptions

Lacey Sanchez

Classes with Lacey

Sunny Side Up: Florida Tribal Dance’s ATS Dialect

Join Lacey for a fun American Tribal Style workshop exploring some fun and earthy steps that she has incorporated into her school in Orlando,Fl. The key to creating dialect steps is maintaining the essence of ATS and folding them into your group smoothly. Lacey has managed to do just that with some very special combinations that she can’t wait to share with you!
Basic knowledge of ATS is helpful but not required.

Let’s Dance Together!

Fun and innovative ways to interact in group improv  Whether you are an ATS dancer looking for fun new options or a tribal fusion troupe needing some new inspiration this workshop will give dancers some new formations and ways to interact that are sure to get your creative juices going! Duets, trios, 10 or more we’ll explore ideas for everyone!

American Tribal Style From the Roots to the Leaves

Join Lacey for a beginner friendly look at ATS. We’ll take a nice long look at it’s fundamental steps, formations, and overall presentation. Be ready to take an in depth look at all the parts that make American Tribal Style the beautiful world phenomenon it is! Perfect for new ATS dancers or dancers looking to brush up their skills.


Classes with Ebony

The Belly Dance Wildcard

Got versatility? Express your varied dance roots by exploring the delicate art of unexpected fusion in a way that is tasteful, respectful and fun. Learn how strong technique and fluidity can create a harmonious balance between genres. Drill combos that introduce samba, popping or other styles into belly dance. Practice reacting to music and embracing contrasts: graceful vs. clunky, speedy vs. slow. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

Layer Cake: Advanced Fusion Layering and Choreography

Get ready to multitask! We’ll start by drilling basic undulations, accents and shimmies with an emphasis on isolating these movements. Then, we’ll embellish those basics by layering them one piece at a time. Kick it up a notch with traveling steps to create clean layers along with strong and controlled movement. Learn powerful, yet graceful combinations that can be used in choreography or improvisation. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

Jaia Mara

Classes with Jaia

Sacred Movement : Mandala Dance

Group dancing is one way we can tap into the life-sustaining source or consciousness, once again, giving the individual a sense of belonging. It is by the body, in the body, and through the body that Being manifests itself. Dance integrates both meditation and action, dissolving the barrier between the mundane and waking worlds. In sacred dance, one is found and used by the soul of nature. Like a key, Sacred Movement can open the doorway between the consciousness and the psyche, and can encourage the two rooms to become one.

This weekend, over the course of two classes, we will learn a simple but powerful dynamic movement series based on these concepts to be performed in the show! We will use the body as prayer in a puja or ritual group dance, to express the divine ideal through geometry, flow, and connection with self, one another, and the divine.

The class is open to all, performance in the show is not mandatory. This movement series can be taken home to be used in solo trance work, shared with others, or performed at Triboriginal. To participate in the Mandala performance, please wear white, red or black, with an emphasis on white. The colors will invoke different energies in the performance. Together, these energies weave the Triguna, the 3 various states of being for existance-

White- Sattva- the sustaining, purifying, uplifting energy.

Red- Rajas- the active principle, raw, creation energy.

Black- Tamas- Matter, mass, the stillness of inertia.

Vinyasa Yoga with Jaia

Join us each morning to greet the day in this Vinyasa Yoga class. We will follow a gentle flow of yoga movements led by the breath to deepen our  connection with the body. Connection between breath and body leads us to greater awareness, and fine tunes the subtle messages we receive from the body in our movement practices, and our daily lives. Learning to nurture this re-union expands our physical capabilities, strengthens our muscular system, aligns the skeletal system and reminds us to listen before we act.  The organic movement sequences of Vinyasa allow us to play in the practice, and invite Prana, vital life force, to seep into the nooks and crannies of our bodies, our consciousness, and our life. This yoga flow will warm the body, and give us sustaining energy to tackle the amazing classes waiting for us at Triboriginal.

Ziah Ali

Classes with Ziah

OTS Group Improv- Orientale Tribal Style

Created by Ziah and the Awalim Dance Co based on the ATS® Format. Are you an Orientale/Cabaret style dancer and always wanted the same group improvisational tools and fun that ATS® dancers have? This language is great for group restaurant and live band performances. Now you can explore the music and dance on the fly with your Cabaret buddies. Also great for integrating into your ATS® dialect! For this workshop, Ziah and Awalim will share both ATS® related and original OTS moves developed by Awalim.

Dana Beaufait

Classes with Dana

Up Close & Fabulous in All Weather!

How to put your make up on outdoors for festivals, camping events, photo shoots or just to dress up in Nature! Most of the time I would say camping is a break from the glam and time to get back into the natural clean face of things, But sometimes, circumstances require makeup in 100-degree weather to a Renn Faire, looking like a fairy princess all day without fail. Even better, getting ready while the sun is going down in the back of a tent! This class is designed to help you look your best in any weather, with tips on smear proofing, low lighting application, time reducing steps and no fuss touch-ups that will have everyone admiring your magical powers even in the forest! Bring the makeup you have with you and get ready for the rest of your day/performance.

Paolo Garbanzo

Classes with Paolo

Fire Safety and Juggling

Interested in fire performance, or have pals who are? Then Fire Safety needs to be your first concern. Paolo has performed with fire continuously for twenty years and will explain Fire Safety 101. Afterwards, class will open back up for juggling and circus arts.

Circus Arts and Juggling

Let world-travelled circus arts teacher Paolo open up the world of circus to you! From the easy to the tricky, from spinning plates and fans to juggling scarves, balls and the walking globe! All are welcome to this relaxed intro!

Chip Staples

Classes with Chip

Drumming in Informal Groups

The students will learn conventions for joining, exiting, and playing with various informal groups. This includes communicating with a group leader, finding the appropriate level of playing complexity and volume, how to listen and converse (musically) with other players, and how to interact with dancers. At the end of the class, the student will have the ability and confidence to join in with informal playing opportunities that always arise during an event!

Basic Middle-Eastern Rhythms

The class will learn and play rhythms from the maqsoum, malfouf, and ayoub families. The core rhythm will be taught, along with a walking fill and other interesting fills. At the end of the class, the student will have the basic knowledge and skills to identify and play these rhythms. This serves as a good foundation for the classes ‘Drumming in Informal Groups’ and ‘Drumming with Melody Musicians’, although it is not a pre-requisite.

Drumming Fundamentals

The students will learn the proper (and safe) way(s) to hold their drum, to get sounds out of their drums, and to understand and play from a common notation of rhythms. Playing in class will consist of drills to build muscle memory (useful for practice) and the rhythm ‘maqsoum’. This class is perfectly appropriate for someone who has never played a drum before. At the end of the class, the students will have the basic knowledge to read rhythm notation and play the drum without injury, and can consider themselves to be at ‘Beginner’ skill level for other classes. This serves as a good foundation for all drum classes, as the same rhythm notation is used in those classes.

Madame Onça

Classes with Onça

Tarot for Bellydancers

Tarot is an empowering, intuitive tool for self-awareness rich wth history! This light-hearted hands-on class imparts various card layouts for readings, as well as a salty all-levels overview of tarot structure and real-world history. It’ll be fun!


Classes with Nadira

ATS Flow Jam

We are bringing the tribes together for a Flow Jam! Enjoy this all-fun, no-pressure environment with great energy and silly games to get us all dancing and creating together! All levels of dancers welcome. Hone your skills with your dance family or try something new.

Marginalized People in Performance

Are you ready to ask the uncomfortable questions? To hear the voices of your diverse community of artists? Be the change you want to see;  join Nadira Grubbs of Seven Cities World Dance Studio for this discussion exploring the experiences of marginalized people in performance. Learn about how it is for People of Color, LGBTQ+ and more.


Classes with Chudney

Flawless Footwork

Do you ever feel like you are always traveling around the stage the same way? Are you looking for new ways to diversify and add more depth to your dance? Then flawless footwork is for you! In this technique and combination based class, we will take classic footwork inspired by Mahmoud Reda and modern Egyptian style inspired footwork to build your repertoire of floor patterns. You will leave class with new footwork combinations to adapt into your own piece and the tools to create your own.

Combination Build Up

Get ready to learn some new, fresh and dynamic combinations that you can snag for your own choreographies or for practice. Chudney will then show you how to take the combinations and build them up into a choreography of your own. That’s right we are going to take nice, easy chunks and put them all together in this workshop. Chudney will also go over how she approaches choreography workshops and share tips on how to maximize what you gain and apply it to this workshop.