Sean O’Neill

Love TribO!!! Very well planned and orchestrated event. Lots of great dance and performance art classes, classes for musicians, and plenty of other interesting stuff to do for us not so artistic folks. Great people, great shows and great times. Well worth the money…

Tasha Forrest

TribO was my first dance camp. I had never had an opportunity to fully immerse myself in dance and music for days on end. Both times I attended I left feeling so refreshed and like a better dancer than I was when I arrived. I connected with dancers that I'm still in contact with to this day and I still reference many of the things I learned in the classes there. I am so happy to hear that it's back and already marking my calendar!!!!

Bettina Cremer

I have missed TribO so very much! I always felt like I was "home" there and it allowed me to grow as a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sara Ann Howard

TribOriginal was my first event outside of regular belly dance classes, and it sealed the deal!! I found a wonderful community of like minded folks who was accepting of all levels from babies to vets. I was welcomed, taught and entertained. I was saddened when the legacy ended, and am thrilled to hear of a revival!! Thank you, TribO!!!

Leilani Hughes Cochran

TribO was always one of my favorite getaways...the classes were phenomenal both in variety and in world class teachers being right there! The fellowship was nourishing on so many levels! The campgrounds, a nature lovers dream. I truly hope TribO resurrects and if so, i will be there!!!

Torva Kristin Logan

That one time at Dance Camp! I have so many amazing memories from TribO. This event is the stuff legends are made of. If you can imagine a summer camp for belly dancers (but in the much more temperate season of Fall), this is it. Onça does epic on a scale unlike anyone else. The weekend is one "wow" after another. Amazing dance and music teachers, incredible shows and parties in the great outdoors (with comfy cabins!) and smiling faces everywhere. But it's the community that makes this event. Community is woven into the fabric of the event, and that community fills the soul. From having all-day childcare and children's activities to having all-night dance parties, community is woven into the fabric of TribO. Taking dance, music and cultural arts classes in a camp setting is amazing. But sitting on the porch visiting with old friends, dancing through the night with new friends, these are the dreams that Tribo is made of. This is why people come from all over. Everytime I go to TribO it changes my life.

Carmine T. Guida

As a teacher and performer: Very well organized event! I enjoyed teaching all of my classes to these wonderful people. The shows are packed with great performances and the after parties are a welcoming environment and totally fun to play in and dance too!

Nancy McAndrew

I'm so grateful to TribO and to Future of Tradition for providing outstanding opportunities to study and grow as a dancer and to make new friends in the community.

Dani Cats

TribO’s last two years encompassed some of the best moments of my life. Some of the most amazing people are now a part of my life because of you. My first solo ever was because of you. Your energy inspires me to dance with all the passion on my heart. Thank you for that. So much love!

Dave Lee

What can I say, I had a blast. Something for everyone and a very relaxing event to just chill and enjoy friends company (new and old). In the three years we attended, I met some life long friends that I'd have missed out on entirely had it not been for the hardest working woman in show business!

Arlechina Verdigris

A guaranteed blast. Dance all day, dance all night, sleep like a squirrel, eat the veggies, learn some recipes, dance some folky jank, learn a new trick, camp shenanigans, shop, roll on the wood floor, best drums evah, vino et fino. Boom. Go.


Triboriginal was such a marvelous experience for me, it has permanently become anchored in my heart. Some of my favorite dreams are set at TribO. Why? Because the community of dancers, musicians, creators, producers, makers, artists, joy seekers and web weavers that turn out for this event are outstanding. Connections made at TribO become friendships that last lifetimes, and experiences become memories that the heart forever holds. I am jazzed out of my mind for a reunion.


Hands down one of the best community dance events I've ever attended. It's like summer camp, but in the fall, and not the whole summer, and with drinks and better food and you don't get in trouble for playing with fire or dancing till dawn.