Sacred Movement : Mandala Dance

Group dancing is one way we can tap into the life-sustaining source or consciousness, once again, giving the individual a sense of belonging. It is by the body, in the body, and through the body that Being manifests itself. Dance integrates both meditation and action, dissolving the barrier between the mundane and waking worlds. In sacred dance, one is found and used by the soul of nature. Like a key, Sacred Movement can open the doorway between the consciousness and the psyche, and can encourage the two rooms to become one.

This weekend, over the course of two classes, we will learn a simple but powerful dynamic movement series based on these concepts to be performed in the show! We will use the body as prayer in a puja or ritual group dance, to express the divine ideal through geometry, flow, and connection with self, one another, and the divine.

The class is open to all, performance in the show is not mandatory. This movement series can be taken home to be used in solo trance work, shared with others, or performed at Triboriginal. To participate in the Mandala performance, please wear white, red or black, with an emphasis on white. The colors will invoke different energies in the performance. Together, these energies weave the Triguna, the 3 various states of being for existance-

White- Sattva- the sustaining, purifying, uplifting energy.

Red- Rajas- the active principle, raw, creation energy.

Black- Tamas- Matter, mass, the stillness of inertia.