Madame Onça, aka Lauren Onça O’Leary, is a career entertainer currently based in Richmond, VA. She has traveled nationally and internationally, teaching and performing dance, torch-songs, and stagecraft at events such as TribalCon, TribalFest and Elevation. Committed to nurturing community, she hosts local classes, workshops and events and has produced many weekend-long festivals in both bellydance and the variety arts, including the notorious TribOriginal: Tribal Dance, Music & Culture Camp. Previously, she owned a dance and folk-art center in Asheville, NC, while directing her award-nominated dance company. Since relocating to Virginia, Onça has created two instructional dance DVDS, re-published her acclaimed ‘World Spirit Tarot’ and its companion ‘World Spirit Tarot Adult Coloring Book’, and created ‘A Krampus Carol’, which she illustrated and authored. Connecting meaningfully with audiences has led Onca to become a regularly featured EmCee at festivals nationwide. It is her stalwart belief that “The greatest form of rebellion is joy.”