Born in Australia, Kylie discovered the kanun shortly after discovering the Renaissance festival, in California in the 90s. Since then she has worked and played her way across the country with stops in Texas, Colorado and North Carolina, and currently resides in the Washington DC area, where she plays in the groups such as Saltanah Arabic Ensemble and the Fez Tones, and sings in six languages.
Kylie learned kanun from American, Persian, Turkish and Arabic musicians, including Mimi Spencer, Soheila Narriman, Ergun Tamer, Halil Karaduman and Jamal Sinno. She is also grateful for the learning and enrichment of many other musicians and teachers along the way, notably Lebanese percussionist Souhail Kaspar, and Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Chakib Hilali. Kylie loves learning and sharing the music of the Middle East, and her main joy is playing music with her friends, old and new.