Arlechina Verdigris is a dance ethnologist who specializes in the ritual and combat dance traditions of the Mediterranean & Black Seas. She has produced several books on trance, dance notation, and dance history. She is also an experienced trance master and guide. Verdigris began studying altered states of consciousness in 1994 with a focus on isolating techniques that naturally induce and encourage trance. She moved to Italy in 2002 to travel and study living traditions of trance music and dance, spending four years abroad before returning to Virginia in 2006. As a trance master, Verdigris is called upon to play her drum and sing for hours upon hours at a time while reading the body language of the entranced and actively responding to their needs with the correct musical changes. She manages a repertoire of hundreds of trance chants in a dozen different endangered language traditions. Today Verdigris teaches an inclusive Pan-Mediterranean style of trance called “Gorgona” as a four-year study program and hosts regular monthly trance events in South-East Virginia.