Thanks to YOU, TribO is back! The award-nominated, magickal TribOriginal:  Dance, Music & Culture Camp is reconvening for our 8th year. Join us as we celebrate Cozy Community on an Epic Scale, with a family-friendly, three day weekend of world music, bellydance, yoga, crafting and more. We will add teachers and class descriptions as everything develops.

This year’s event will be September 28-30, 2018, just outside the progressive town of Charlottesville, VA, at Camp Holiday Trails.

The mission of TribOriginal is to nurture every aspect of the international, continuously evolving bellydance culture and community. That means you and yours!

What to expect!

Never been to TribO?

Picture a lovely mountain summer camp for your tribe, complete with a dining hall, group cabins and a lake. Enjoy over 15 hours of instruction, two shows, haflas and vending, all without having to get back in your car. Tasty, health-conscious meals for most every need, and sleepaway camp-style lodging are included in the price. Bring all your bedding. You get to decide now if you want to bunk in a Co-Ed or Female-Identified Only cabin, and if you prefer the tone to be Quiet, Party, or Families with Kids. We also have inexpensive Non-Class passes, allowing your loved ones to join you in this adventure, and a Children’s Program onsite for kids 5 and up, allowing you to take more classes and stay up late!

A suggested Newbie packing list is down below.

Suggested Packing List:

Clothes: plan for dance class, for sleeping, many layers for day and nights, for being comfy, a bathing suit or canoeing clothes

Blankets & pillows

Charger for technology if needed

Show Costumes if needed

Craft projects for down times

Toiletries, make-up, medications, contacts, glasses, birth control,

Non-refrigerated snacks

Beverages of your choice

Walking shoes

Altar or Spiritual Items for the ceremonially inclined


Fire Toys/ Props

Swords, zills, veils, instruments

Refillable water bottle.

Flip flops/shower shoes.

Small tote bag for purchases.

Notebook for class notes, journal for truthtelling.

Ear plugs in case you’re too close to drumming or snoring and you need some sleep.

Coming home to TribO?

Everything changes, so of course this new site is different from the old ones. The Dining Hall and Vending Areas are more intimate, with a 1970’s in flair, and the cabins are newer and spiffier with modern heat, AC, and on-demand water heaters. The site is nonreligious, and has been used for summer camps for special needs kids for the past 40 years. Because of this diverse and high need population, the camp has chefs with experience cooking for our community’s eclectic food needs: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Veg, etc. Also being close to progressive Charlottesville, many supplies are sourced locally.

The camp topography is many acres on a slope, crossed with nice easy walking trails from cabins to Dining Hall and then down to the lake below. The walks aren’t long but call for good walking shoes. As always, cars will be kept in the fields and as far from cabins as possible. The site has got great phone service, so bring your chargers. It has wide open spaces, trees, and fire circles galore. With less indoor space than we are accustomed to, it has more outdoor spaces than we know what to do with yet. The property directly abuts walking and running trails, as well as the Charlottesville Reservoir with its very cool Floating Bridge.

The shows will be relaxed and short, so that we may hafla to live music! As we have always done, the shows feature the teachers and staff first and foremost. Contact us at futureoftradition@gmail.com if you wish to be considered for a 4 minute performance slot.